Postnatal care

The Aftermath: the postnatal period

The pregnancy may be over but your journey has just begun!

When others have already bid you goodbye, we still care about your sleepless nights, feeding issues, crying issues (the baby and yourself!), and all those other things that no one ever mentioned before. We welcome you to see us at the usual 6 week post-delivery but also at any time you feel you need to speak to someone.

You constantly wonder why your friends & family with babies never told you that all this would happen. Sound familiar? The truth is that some things are mentioned but it sails over our heads (as something so foreign that it couldn’t be absorbed or so unbelievable that it couldn’t possibly apply to you). Other things are not topics we tend to mention to childless friends – I mean, is it really ok to say that you have not gone to the toilet alone since the birth of your child?

It may not seem like it at the time, but the newborn and baby stages pass all too quickly and before you know it, they are little people choosing their own clothes or refusing the food that they had declared they loved only yesterday..

When you want to experience this fantastic journey of pregnancy, delivery, and the newborn again, give us a call and we will guide you through once again.

Other things to consider in the postnatal period:

  • Getting your pap smear up to date – we will always offer one at the 6 week check
  • Whooping cough vaccinations for you and anyone who will have close contact with your baby – there have been outbreaks of whooping cough in Brisbane and it is not something you want for your baby
  • Contraception – unless your plan is to follow on closely with another bundle of joy, this is something to consider in the meantime – remember, breastfeeding is only effective contraception if it is full-time (no complementary feeding), you have no periods, and it is within 6 months of birth
  • Baby checks with the paediatrician or GP or child health nurse
  • Take care of any other medical issues while you are not pregnant such as gallstones or high blood pressure
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle: Brisbane City Council has many free fitness activities for mums to do with their bubs – see Active Parks
  • If you are going back to work soon, make sure to arrange childcare now as some require plenty of notice

Make an appointment with us today – we care!