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Pregnancy, quickening, child-bearing, gestation, gravidity, parturiency, reproduction – whatever you call it, is there a subject more controversial?

Each time an embryo is created, it’s a bit of a miracle. The sperm need to survive the hostile passage up the female reproductive tract and meet the ovum egg in exactly the right place in the Fallopian tube – not sooner, not later (otherwise you get an ectopic pregnancy). There needs to be enough sperm (and good quality too) to make it. Eggs need to be released and somehow make it’s way into the Fallopian tube and needs to be fertilised within 24 hours or it dies. It’s a wonder it happens at all!

It’s probably not surprising then that when talking about pregnancy, there seems to be… differences of opinion. There will always be uncertainties but we can work with what we know, what evidence and examples show, and what makes sense.

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