Gynaecology Topics

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Gynaecology is about health specific to women – so generally concentrates on the female only organs.


– Menstrual issues – bleeding too much, bleeding too little, bleeding irregularly, apparently we can’t be satisfied
– Problems with outside genitalia (perineum, vulva, labia) – lumps & bumps, pain/discomfort, itchy, discharge, bits too big, bits too small
– Problems with the vagina (note that the vagina is NOT the outside genitalia despite pop culture references) – lumps & bumps, too big, too small, falling out, too dry, too wet, discharge, pain/discomfort
– Problems with the cervix – abnormal pap smear, abnormal cervical cells, lumps & bumps, bleeding, polyps, pain/discomfort
– Problems with the uterus – polyps/fibroids/masses, different shape
– Problems with the Fallopian tubes – blocked, cysts, scarring
– Problems with the ovaries – cysts/masses, scarring, premature ovarian failure
– Fertility issues
– Contraception

Sexual disorders may be caused by a physical issue but often requires Allied Health referral.

Interestingly, breast issues are generally not under Gynaecology and it is best to see your GP first and then referred to the relevant specialty if needed. Breast lumps & bumps are seen by a Breast Surgeon.